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We are stronger together!


Everyone is excited about Save Our School's (SOS)  initiative called “FOREVER 10”.  It’s simply a minimum $10 per month recurring giving program that everyone can do.  That calculates to only 33 cents a day.  Little becomes much when we ALL give something.  There’s strength in numbers!

This systematic alumni and community giving program will provide consistent and sustainable funding throughout the year, and ALL gifts are tax-deductible.

Your monthly donation will support SOS’s three-main mission initiatives:


OUR STUDENTS – Through Scholarships and Financial Assistance

OUR ACADEMIA -  Through Christ-Centered Engagement Tools & Advance Placement & Technology

OUR ADMINISTRATION – Through Improved Automated Parent-Teacher Collaboration, and Administrative Resource to Support Academic Expansion.


Donated funds are for supporting Los Angeles Adventist Academy.  Join this giving movement. Click the Donate button below to set up your Forever 10 giving!

Donate using ZELLE

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335 Albertoni Suite 200
mailbox #17

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