There are many gifts we can bestow on our children, but one ultimate gift is the gift of Christian education.

Sponsorship Program for Los Angeles Adventist Academy

Purpose: To assist with tuition cost, introduce Jesus Christ and educate students preparing them for the next phase of life; be it continued education in a vocational or professional path.

Requirements: The sponsor has the ability to cover the cost of at least 75% of the annual tuition.

(church affiliation is not required)

How the Sponsorship Program Works:
--The sponsor is able to sponsor full tuition costs.    $5000.00
--This $5000.00 is divided by 4.   ($1250.00 x 4).  
--Four students would be assigned to each sponsor.  

13 sponsors @ $5000.00, 13 x 5000 would be $65,000.00
13 sponsors x 4 = 52 students receiving tuition assistance.

$5000.00(tuition) - $1250.00( 25% discount- or $5000/4) = $3750.00

NOTE:  If an individual wants to sponsor a student, but cannot sponsor the full tuition amount,

they can request to become part of a cluster.  

A cluster is where multiple donations are pooled to a total of $5000.00.  Clusters will be assigned to assist 4 students as stated above.

**Each student account enrolled under the sponsorship program must be current in order for the child to continue matriculation.  Sponsors must pay the agreed portion on-time to avoid impact to a child's education.




Complete the below form and a sponsorship form will be sent to your email address.  Looking forward to partnering with you to help a deserving child:



























You are invited to be a sponsor and to be apart of making a life-changing difference for our youth.

Contributions can be made in a lump sum, quarterly, or monthly payments over a 10-month period, starting August of each year.

S.O.S. is committed to supporting OUR children.  Please partner with us and touch a life.


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